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Resetera arcade1up

Resetera arcade1up. Banned. Aug 9, 2022 · The interesting thing is someone on a stream (not John D) said that Arcade1up has the exclusive rights to the game and if a console or pc port were to Jan 8, 2019 · Quick Jump Gaming Forum Gaming Hangouts EtcetEra Forum EtcetEra Hangouts Trending Threads Latest threads Watched threads. If they release a Ms. game. Capcom Legacy Collection outside of MvC2. Runner (Atari Games, 1989) 3d racing/shooter action. Arcade1Up continues to innovate and bring the retro gaming experience home. resetera. Looks like that one will arrive by Monday! WHY BATTLETOADS?!?! It's a three player game on a two player cab sadly :/ Also I wasn't semi hoping they do a 6 player X-men cab. Let everyone know about your favorite games this year! . We just got a Pacman cab and its kinda cool. Oct 7, 2021 · 44,010. Considering I have most of the hardware to do this on console or pi4 laying around in the basement. I'm actually really glad this seems to have done well enough for them to keep expanding! The main thing besides the new games that Aug 9, 2022 · https://youtu. Apr 20, 2020. Like you said above, the lack of JP is probably a licensing thing, especially since it would have to go through both Sega and Universal. Thread starter BFIB; Start date Apr 18, 2022; Discussion. Custom co-branded stool included (dimensions: H 29 in; seat width: 14 in) Dec 19, 2019 · The thing that really confuses me is Atgames of all companies has put out a full-size cabinet for $599. Apr 25, 2021 · The Ms. Or the know how to put it together. Aug 5, 2022 · Capcom 2 is BACK!!! We've freed Marvel Vs. Ships to USA and Canada only. Apr 20, 2020 · Oct 25, 2017. The fact that they are keeping games like these in the consciousness of gamers is significant tbh. The lack of basic options like scanlines is disappointing too. (from Wikipedia) Arcade Archives [a] is a series of emulated arcade games from the late 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch, published by Hamster Corporation. Sep 11, 2021 · Pre-orders are already up in the Source link below. These are second rate products at a premium price. (Note, you get a free year of Apple TV+ when buying a new Feb 15, 2018 · I can't use the stick because it requires pressing L3 (I think). just shown off at E3 https://toybook. Street Fighter, NBA Jam, Pac-Man, Star Wars, & more Thread starter Neoxon Start date Jan 5, 2020 Apr 18, 2022 · This may sound stupid but you know the MK Legacy has Rampage in it, right? Anyone come across any cheap risers? Lowest I’ve spotted is $44 I actually didn’t realize that. Aug 13, 2022 · arcade1up. 1 Apr 21, 2020 · Space Invaders Arcade Machine, Arcade1UP, 4ft - Walmart Inventory Checker - BrickSeek Items are priced differently from store-to-store. Jan 6, 2020 Resetera; Twitter; Contact us; Terms and Apr 25, 2021 · As an aside, I wish Arcade1up would put more effort into their software and emulation, especially at these premium prices. Jun 20, 2020 · Hello resetera! This is the first official thread for arcade sticks & arcade style controllers on resetera, as such please introduce yourself and let's start an amazing community together on this site! I apologize that this initial post does not have all the information yet (which I've been www. Marvel vs Capcom™. So please let me know your thoughts or experience on the cabinet or with modding it. com/arcade1up-brings-classic-atari-star-wars-home/ Apr 28, 2021 · Honestly I was hoping they would make like working coin slots, it'd turn an arcade1up machine into a great piggy bank. com/site/arcade1up-marvel-vs-capcom-gaming-table/6482610. Street Fighter 2. A sub-series called ACA Neo Geo is focused on rereleasing Neo Geo titles in their Jan 4, 2022 · I'm expecting over a grand for these Sep 13, 2019 · So i'm considering getting the Arcade1up machine with the MK games. Was about to buy another Cab to get one with 4 player interface (TMNT or Simpsons), but my wife thinks I should just take the Street Fighter 2 Cab and change out the 2 player interface for a Apr 20, 2020 · Darknight said: This isn't the first time Wal-Mart has done this type of clearance though. Jan 8, 2019 · Enter the space-saving Arcade1Up Counter-cades and Wall-cades coming in 2019 with all your favorite titles. RR, RR2, Rave Racer and the two Ace Driver games. Space Invaders Arcade Machine, Arcade1UP, 4ft - Walmart Inventory Checker - BrickSeek. UK. There's a good chance you'd be able to simply hook that pcb up to everything in your existing cab. Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter™. Tatsumi's Apache 3 is pretty obscure and last time I checked the emulation was still far from perfect. Marvel vs. Prev. Capcom 2! Bringing back the iconic fighting game that has been unavailable since 2013, MVC2 arrives on Arcade1Up with WIFI PLAY! Marvel vs Capcom 2™. SubRoc 3-D (Sega, 1982) Sega dubbed it the "world's first truly 3-D video game". Aug 18, 2022 · S. If you're willing to go through the trouble to modify one of these with a raspberry pi, adding working coin doors should be relatively straight forward. I've already customized the controls to work with a Raspberry Pi 4, with better joysticks. Each matches the original machine decals and use arcade components, but stand at just under 4ft. I never bothered with UMvC3. Hmmm. Oct 7, 2021 · Tron is probably my second most wanted cabinet from Arcade1Up right behind Star Wars and I can't wait to get my hands on this one too! It's great that they replicated the lighting and put the game logos on the stand instead of the main cabinet, but not to sure I'm keen on Arcade1Up slapping their logo so prominently above the screen. It looks like this one scrolls between the games horizontally. Imagine that Jun 10, 2019 · The only reason why I'm thinking of a new Marvel is mostly because of the hints FChamp kept dropping. Something like this could lead to a rebirth of the Virtua Fighter franchise if it proved popular. Killer Clearance warehouse sale! Get 80% off while supplies last! The Killer Instinct ™ Arcade Machine available directly from Arcade1Up includes a custom riser, light-up marquee, light-up deck protector, molded coin door, and exclusive stool. It'll be interesting to see how many machines are actually improperly using open source emulators. Custom riser and light-up marquee with full display. Zonic said: Also heads up, the Space Invaders cabinet is $75, though I imagine that one may be harder to find. It's also possible that they might have something else lined up. Post your gaming setups, living rooms, game collections, office setups, PC setups, furniture choices, any other home designs, and portable setups. Just an FYI if anyone has been on the fence for one of these, Wal-Mart appears to be clearancing out the following cabinets for $50. Pacman ill be in fucking heaven!!! Sep 2, 2022 · https://www. Jun 10, 2019 · These extend Arcade1Up's line of replica arcade machines. 249. 3) I used the Arcade 1Up speakers, rather than a separate set. I really want to hear real user feedback on these cabs before I start making purchases that amount to 1k. I Sep 2, 2022 · It just went back up on Target and I ordered a second one (canceled my first) plus saved $65. Jun 11, 2021 · Turtles in Time: $649. uk. Jan 8, 2019 · Dreamcast emulation, especially at the price margins Arcade1Up wants to sell these at, isn't at the level where it's commercially viable on a mass market device, right? I know you can fiddle and fart-arse around with emulators on Windows to get it at a level close to a real console, but surely not with the hardware that's in these cabs, or any Aug 15, 2022 · Ah I see Arcade1up relicensed three games which feature a sports license that’s been notoriously and brutally locked down by EA for two decades, completely unwilling to share; they’ve negotiated the likeness rights for hundreds of former NFL players and settled dozens and dozens of individual fees; commercially emulated 3D arcade hardware that no developer or publisher will touch for pc or Dec 24, 2022 · Yet another Arcade1up to toss into the "only pick it up when they are on a 70% off fire sale and you want to mod everything on it" pile. Jul 19, 2023 · Marvel vs Capcom 2 Arcade Machine in collaboration with Arcade1Up, features exclusive artwork celebrating X-Men's 60th anniversary and is designed with Kith, Marvel, and X-Men co-branding. What worried me the most was how they screwed up the trackball and dials on their earlier releases where they felt digital instead of analog and you could easily feel the stepping in the controls. #103. Had mine up and running in a few hours. It allows batocera to be run from a usb stick, and if the stick isn't plugged in at launch it just goes straight to the Apr 25, 2021 · Today, 2nd/3rd/4th generation cabs from Arcade 1UP and also the MVSX are providing a more manageable, usually affordable, and hopefully more long-lasting option for those that want to play the games from their arcade past at home. But I mean, have you not visited A1U forums? Don't dismiss what I said, because I perfectly Aug 16, 2020 · Man! Whoever is handling arcade1up’s licensing has seriously become the most able and important figure in game preservation. Nov 11, 2022 · The ResetEra Games of the Year 2022 Vote is live! Voting will remain open for 10 days, 16 hours, 37 minutes, 56 seconds, until Jan 14, 2023 at 12:00 AM. Apart from the obvious branding, the original Arcade1Up MK unit's game selection had all three games listed vertically on a single screen. PAC-MAN™ / GALAGA™ Class of '81 Arcade Machine available directly from Arcade1Up includes a riser, light-up marquee, light-up deck protector, and is WiFi enabled for online leaderboards. i Jul 8, 2023 · Aug 19, 2022. I originally started this thread on the old forum 16+ years ago. The reason you would want to buy a Arcade 1 up is because it's a replica of the specific machine- the side art, the marquee, the art on the stick area, etc. Nov 30, 2022 · I'm going to guess this will be related to the ports they did for Xbox perhaps being released elsewhere? As it seems related to the Classic release of the game as we've had the Killer Instinct 1up Arcade Cabinet revealed for quite some time now. I will wait to see if maybe it gets heavily discounted on clearance Jan 19, 2021 · Arcade1up contracts with multiple companies to provide the emulators, Code Mystics does a few of the more notable ones who has their own emulators. I'd like an Arcade1up NBA Jam Cabinet, on sale. Apr 20, 2020 · my store still says 1 left, what are the chances that it is actually there? going to walmart seems risky af, but for 50 bucks, I cant let this pass me up. Aug 17, 2020 · A. You could also run fightcade via VGA to an arcade cab. Capcom 2, the Jun 12, 2019 · Posted in the other thread but figured it needed it's own. Has HDMI input and lets you use the sticks as bluetooth input to a Raspberry Pi with a firmware update. For those with limited square footage, Arcade1Up has two new products designed to leverage the space you have in your home, dorm or office. bestbuy. Mar 2, 2022 · A CPS-3 setup plus third strike is probably over $1000. Feb 26, 2021 · Ended up putting a preorder in for at atgames legends pinball. Obviously, I don't know for sure, but the controller deck encoder is most likely the same and both cabs use Aug 9, 2022 · It has the full book in the gallery. N. Jun 10, 2019 · So now, we have the following: Centipede (with Missile Command, Crystal Castles, & Millipede), Final Fight (with 1944: The Loop Master, Ghosts 'N Goblins Apr 11, 2022 · Everyone, Do not buy Arcade 1UP. My response is coming from years of game ownership. Previous games have included single player Space Invaders and Galaga, two-player Final Fight, Street Fighter II and three player Rampage. I'm 6'1 tall lol, and im curious to those who own this or the other 1up machines and who are tall, if the height of the assembled unit is good out of the box or if a riser is needed? If so, what riser have you used or do you Jan 6, 2020 · Various Arcade 1UP cabinets have been leaked: Marvel vs. if you are at a point where you are thinking about building your own and putting a pi in it, you should just do that. Jul 9, 2019 · https://twitter. Doctrine Dark. Not sure where you are located but a highly recommend a Blast City. Jul 10, 2021 · Round One… FIGHT! Im weaaakkkkkk 😆😆 Feb 25, 2019 · Was looking at some stuff just now about Arcade1Up (I was thinking about getting the Street Fighter cab) and ran into this vid showing off their 2019 lineup. co. Jan 4, 2023 · Jan 4, 2023. They might have been good a couple of years ago, but now their last 8 releases have had major issues. Oct 7, 2021. I would honestly never pay more than half that for one, otherwise you're reaching the territory of being able to get a sturdy full size DIY cabinet built, or pick Apr 18, 2022 · The ResetEra Game Soundtrack of the Year 2022 Vote is live! Arcade 1Up Bomba. They've done them before and have been doing them since the first wave. The Arcade1up Ridge Racer. Jan 6, 2020 · Special thanks to Tanuki-Go for bringing this to my attention. , Marvel, the NBA) Why, if only there was some great beacon of journalistic truth to Investigate why things are like this. Apr 25, 2021 · This might be a bit off topic but as someone who has some interest in playing some Arcade games, but doesn’t want to fully commit to a Arcade 1Up machine or something similar, does anyone have any experience hooking one of these into a windows PC and playing games through either steam releases or some sort of emulators? Feb 26, 2021 · Feb 26, 2021. Apr 18, 2022 · https://www. Jun 9, 2021 · The Simpsons™ Arcade Machine Bundle available directly from Arcade1Up includes a riser, light-up marquee, stool, and tin wall sign. I've heard people report that the latest set of cabinets (Golden Tee, Final Fight, Mortal Kombat) are noticably better in terms of LCD screen quality, control button quality, and panel artwork. Still sad they didn't put the simpsons or cowboys of moo mesa and Bucky O' Hare on that cab. People look at licensing different when you are making 20,000 physical items that are going to cost 100s of dollars vs you wanting to digitally release a product for anyone to buy Jun 9, 2021 · Costs of producing the machines are going up so adding things that cost them a couple bucks to make helps make the gigantic pill easier to swallow. Cook said: So basically It’s just a vinyl skin plastered over the current MK Arcade. Nov 4, 2019 · So the positive impressions felt meaningless to me because the most important aspect was how well Arcade1Up recreated the yoke controller. 1,561. Live WiFi enabled with no monthly subscription required. #4,902. Shoot that’s too bad. 5 games. I'm in Philly and $500 . Capcom & X-Men vs. Gaming Forum . Quick and easy. Apr 29, 2023 · This is a tricky thing to answer, so I apologize in advance for the long response. I kept going back and forth between AtGames Pinball (who has come a LONG way from a few years ago), and the A1U pin. This thing punches way above its weight, it looks like a machine that costs a lot more than it does. Purchase the virtual pinball flippers to add additional buttons for mapping. Those listings are gone now, but a user over on the Arcade1Up subreddit took screenshots Apr 25, 2021 · Arcade1Up has come a long way on their build quality. The reason why I love this thread is because of perspective. The Oct 10, 2022 · The Sinden lightgun (which is what Arcade1up licensed for the Big Buck Hunter and T2 cabs) finally solves the problem of light guns not working on modern screens. If your goal is to just have 10000 games in an arcade May 15, 2023 · Killer Instinct™ Arcade Machine. Let everyone know about your favorite games this year! The ResetEra Game Soundtrack of the Year 2022 Vote is live! Marvel Super Heroes War of the Gems and X-Men Mutant Apocalypse. Not only did it get re-released with MvC2, but is getting re-re-released in perpetuity with different artwork and such. Super helpful!! Modding is not hard to do at all. Feb 8, 2024 · Arcade1Up is thrilled to introduce the TIME CRISIS Arcade Game, providing hardcore retrogamers with the title that first took the gaming world by storm in 1995! www. For touch screen devices, the base iPad is $329 USD, but can regularly be found for ~$250. com/watch?v=2SMgqJm5E48 They fixed the MvC1 cross-cab online issue. T. Saturday at 11:30 PM. youtube. I am not kidding. Thank you. 11,000. The games that are getting cabinets are Marvel vs. It shows what people are into. It has a worse table list than the Attack From Mars Arcade1up, but it also has a hdmi and usb port and larger 1080p screen. Log in Apr 25, 2021 · Is there any decent guides out there for modding one of these? I have the street fighter 2 one and would be interested in opening it up a bit for more games. You'd think one day they'd learn that they wouldn't end up having to bin so many off cheap if they spent a few dollars more on improving the quality to feel like a premium product in the first place. A canceled PC port for PowerVR accelerator Nov 5, 2020 · Don't get me wrong - Arcade1up is doing great work (save for the Megaman plug and play I heard was shitty) and this isn't a shot against them - moreso the gaming/licensing companies involved (e. If you jump on one, or if anyone needs any help, feel free to PM me! Some pics from my mod on SF2: Apr 30, 2022 · Nobody told me that fucking Rave Racer finally came home. g. edit: transcript: I went to purchase Mortal Kombat just after work a little while ago, and once I got to the Apr 18, 2022 · Hmm yeah that’s probably more work than I am in for. com. Live WiFi enabled for online play with no monthly Aug 15, 2019 · Taking down promotional displays wasn't enough it seems. RIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAAAAACEEEEEEEEEEER. This thread can be used for anything you want to post Jan 6, 2020 · Its out, ive seen them at walmarts. U. And when I tried it with a ds4, it seems to work (the color on the adapter changes) but I never see the button to update the firmware. Rave Racer is the game we get taunted/teased with, for years and years now. Mar 16, 2022 · For a brief time this morning, the Gamefly store listings of Arcade1Up products appears to have included placeholder entries for unannounced products slated for the later half of this year. It was one of the main scaler arcade shooters of my youth alongside stuff like After Burner and Galaxy Force. Inclusive of exclusives across all 3 major platform holders. Feb 15, 2024 · The MvC cab I got thinking it'd be rare and we'd never get MvC2 is looking like a worse deal as time goes on lol. be/BRdzwXC37l4 One of the most beloved fighting games of all time is finally getting the Arcade1Up treatment. If this doesn't spell disaster for Arcade 1Up, then great! But it's hard to imagine a scenario where anybody is making money selling off units at $50/pop. The MvCcab had some pretty glaring graphic glitches (especially MSH) that took forever for them to fix via an update. Easy to change engage distance for each of the 4 switches using a flat-head screwdriver. p?skuId=6482610 Jun 9, 2021 · It's how Arcade 1UP was able to do what was thought to be impossible and get NBA Jam with all the players released. Jul 10, 2021 · Quick Jump Gaming Forum Gaming Hangouts Gaming Hangouts May 15, 2023 · ‪Arcade1UP Raspberry Pi Install Tutorial - RetroPie in an Arcade1UP In this video, I show you how to mod an Arcade1up 3/4 scale cabinet to accommodate a raspberry pi running RetroPie, some call it a HACK I call it a MOD. It's on recent Atari compilations. Jul 22, 2022 · Jul 22, 2022. Capcom/X-Men vs. Aug 9, 2022 · Your best bet would be to try to buy the MvC2 pcb off of eBay or Facebook marketplace. Including bad emulation, bad speakers, major power issues, and bad viewing angles of the screens. Almost the best replica cabinet they've ever made. Part Jan 6, 2020 · I would be thrilled if they can do a Candy Cab styled Darkstalkers collection of all of the CPS2 entries of the Vampire series since there was arcade specific sequels of prior Vampire entries. It shows what people are spending their money on and it shows who pays attention to what (and why). #5. I've seen several youtubers including ETA Prime cover it, so it's apparently decent. You would stick your face up to the periscope and stare into a world with actual depth and spaceships flying towards you. May 28, 2018 · While I was watching the Combobreaker tournament yesterday, I noticed one of the sponsors was a company I never heard of before called Arcade1Up. It could just be this one, or a large portion of them. I own street fighter 2 arcade1up cab. And going by the game library, it's basically a physical version of the dream Marvel vs. Sep 24, 2019 · Outside of pre-owned devices, the Apple TV 4k retails for $179 USD with 32GB storage and a A10X, and is probably your best bet to access Arcade with you already have a DS4 or Xbox One controller. Here are the games present The Punisher X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems X-Men Dec 24, 2022 · They survive on non-enthusiast consumers with no interest in putting something like that together themselves who don't know or care about the quality issues. Ridge Racer™ Arcade Machine. well, at least in this form. Let everyone know about your favorite games this year! We also have voting for Games for Impact this year! Voting starts at Midnight EST, Dec 20. That's a list of IP that has had no new entries this gen outside of 2 remasters (Wipeout Omega and Burnout Paradise) and with no known plans for future releases. The only guides I’ve seen need you to do a bit of soldering and tbh Id be pretty useless at that so would It be worth me even attempting? Sep 7, 2020 · Wipeout, Motorstorm, Project Gotham Racing, Ridge Racer, Blur, Burnout, Sega Rally, Wave Race. Aug 17, 2021 · Aug 17, 2021. Tried the micro-leaf switches from a Sanwa JLX TPML in an Otto V2 Korean-stick. Apr 21, 2020 · 2) I used the Arcade 1Up power/volume toggles as extra buttons so I didn’t need to drill holes. Items are priced differently from store-to-store. I guess Marvel owns the licensing for most of these cabs? Killer Aug 15, 2019 · It isn't available for pre-order on Arcade1Up's site yet. It looks like the menu's different, as well. Oct 5, 2018 · Don't forget! The ResetEra Games of the Year 2021 Vote is live! Voting will remain open for 22 days, 5 hours, 28 minutes, 30 seconds, until Feb 1, 2022 at 12:00 AM. com Blitz, Blitz 99, Blitz 2000 Gold Edition " To support the NFL's current Player Health & Safety initiatives, a specific set of tackles and after-the-whistle hits were removed or edited in the remastered versions of NFL Blitz, NFL Blitz '99 and NFL Blitz 2000: Gold Edition while maintaining the level of excitement in the original Jan 6, 2020 · That's what Arcade 1UP is! Deleted member 23212 User requested account closure. The Ridge Racer™ Arcade Machine available directly from Arcade1Up includes a light-up marquee, rumble steering wheel, gas pedal and brakes, two-way shifter, and WIFI for leaderboards. I'm wondering if there is a re-design incoming and that's why they pulled them? I think that's more likely than Wal-Mart just pulling the game because of violence or whatever. Time Crisis Arcade 1 Up Review. Edit: yea I've tried a few more times and used a different controller and I see the same behavior. 99 (+ shipping and $100 deposit if ordering from Arcade1up direct) I was initially very interested in the Turtles in Time cab, but at these prices it's a hard pass for me. Might have to grab a PS4 copy. Appreciate the info. May 19, 2020 · Major Havoc's a neat multi-genre game that gets ignored too much. Jan 5, 2024 · The ResetEra Games of the Year 2023 Vote is here! Voting will remain open for 9 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes, 59 seconds, until Jan 15, 2024 at 12:00 AM. G. Jan 28, 2024 · Oct 31, 2017. Estimated ship date mid October. Apr 21, 2020 · Apr 21, 2020. 99 (+ shipping and $100 deposit if ordering from Arcade1up direct) Big Blue: $599. This past week I finally picked up my first cab, an NBA Jam from Walmart for $400. Oh shit, that's actually pretty cool. Jul 8, 2023. (found on the official 1up fan page on Facebook) Always remember, guns don't kill people, Mortal Kombat kills people. Oct 28, 2017 11,225. I just don't see a reason why someone like him would make that up considering how much he misses the scene and Marvel. For the buttons / speaker I basically just stripped the wire and made it work. Current lineup is 19 pinball machines, 6 vids, 1 EM shooter, 2 redemption games, a Skeeball, 3 A1Ups, and one arcade cabinet with an emulator and Frankenpanel that can play anything. #1. Welcome to the annual Post Your Gaming Setup thread. com/Wario64/status/1148342646022139904 May 20, 2021 · Oh I gotta get me that Simpsons one Jun 10, 2019 · The first set of Arcade1Up cabinets had a number of quality issues. Street Fighter No word on MvC2 or MSHvSF NBA Jam & Hangtime Various Pac-Man games Big Buck Hunter Various Star Wars games Burgertime These will likely be Dec 10, 2022 · Arcade1up cabinets are far smaller than you imagine and feel pretty flimsy, they seem more like a novelty to put in the corner of a game room rather than something you'd actively use. Use BrickSeek's Inventory Checkers to search your item and see its current, real-time stock count and pricing at stores near you. I did some Googling in-between matches and discovered this company is preparing to sell this fall a line of 4' tall arcade cabinets based on classic arcade machines. A tradition started over 10 years ago - from one legacy forum to the next. I have no interest in MK as a franchise which kinda sucks. There's several online Jul 24, 2022 · 3. After breaking it in, can feel subtle tactility like I have with my Suzo with leaf switches and rubber grommet. Saw this on YouTube last night but it looks like about a week ago a group called Encoder Team released a softmod that works on Mortal Kombat, Marvel Super Heroes, NBA Jam, and the TMNT 2p countercades. Jun 9, 2021 · Any chance this means a port is coming for consoles/pc? Arcade1Up introduces remote WiFi LIVE online play in a Capcom Legacy home arcade game machine!STREET FIGHTER II™ was the first one-on-one fighting game to feature a variety of characters with their own unique martial arts combinations, propelling it to become an instant arcade phenomenon, and one of the most influential arcade games of all Sep 3, 2023 · Hello resetera members! My name is MarkMan. gj pc ir wh al hv fp ev he sm